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One Family

One Passion

Westside water is all about family and integrity. We started this brand because we wanted to create a family of whiskey lovers who can all get behind the idea of a constantly perfected flavor profile at a price that all the westside homies can enjoy. 

We chose to make our home Santa Cruz, CA because we were inspired by the history of the area. So many great things have begun in Santa Cruz, we hope to be the next! 



A Never Ending Journey

In our pursuit of creating amazing Whiskeys we are always sampling and experimenting with our barrels.

It took our team half a year to release the Westside water whiskeys. We trialed countless barrels from all over the US to find the right mash bill and got inspired many times throughout the journey. 

"We kept asking ourselves what was our goal with the blended whiskey? When do we stop iterating and release it? I would always say, when we've made the blended whiskey in the world. We would laugh about it, however, given the response we've seen -  I think we may have done it." 

            - John Spagnola (C.E.O.)


The Westside Water brand is all about giving our drinkers way more bang for their buck than ever before. We will keep iterating and perfecting our blends while keeping the price incredibly affordable. We believe great whiskey should be available to everyone. 

It's hard work

But, we love it...

"If it was easy, everyone would do it. That's what my dad use to tell me and it's become somewhat of a company motto."


The difficult part for us is not making a fantastic whiskey. That's the easy part...The true skill comes into view when you try and keep all the note worthy elements of an expensive whiskey and cut the price down to the absolute minimum. 

It takes time and patience to create Westside Water. The process starts by setting flame to the inside of the American Oak barrels to release the flavors and give the whiskey that classic smoky flavor. From there it's filled with our specific mash bill and begins its  multiple year aging process to become a bourbon.


Every barrel lives in a temperature controlled room and is closely monitored. Once the barrels are ready they are decanted, cut to the proper proof with Santa Cruz Mountain water. It's then either bottled at 90 proof and made into our premium straight bourbon or blended to create our Westside Water Blended Whiskey. 

The Final Step

Getting it to you!

Our family's favorite part of the entire process is delivering it to our fans. The greatest satisfaction is hearing that our whiskeys are being enjoyed. We would love for you to join our Westside family and pour a glass with us. 

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